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port forwarding to IPv6 target fails

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The following command works just fine to escape an IPv4 environment and reach an IPv6 target:

ssh -N -p 22 -L[2601:646:8182:7d:82:9bff:3ef2:1084]:22

However when I configure the same node and account in Remote Desktop Manager as an SSH gateway it always fails:

[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Starting SSH negociation
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] channel_open: Creating a channel 43 with 64000 window and 32768 max packet
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] ssh_connect: Socket connecting, now waiting for the callbacks to work
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] socket_callback_connected: Socket connection callback: 1 (0)
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] ssh_packet_channel_open_fail: Channel opening failure: channel 43 error (1) open failed
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Unable to connect remote end of tunnel: aborting connection localhost:0 -> [2601:646:8182:7d:82:9bff:3ef2:1084]:22
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] ssh_socket_exception_callback: Socket exception callback: 1 (0)
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] ssh_socket_exception_callback: Socket error: disconnected
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Error connecting to server: [5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Socket error: disconnected[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Disconnecting from SSH server
[5/16/2018 1:54:08 PM] Disconnecting from SSH server

Same problem if I use a hostname that only has an AAAA address too FYI.

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I made a correction about ipv6 literals. Xavier will provide you with a test version when possible. I would just like to point out that when specifying, in RDM, ipv6 addresses literally, some servers will require the brackets and some others will require no brackets. And in some case the ethernet interface must be specified like that: 2601:646:8182:7d:82:9bff:3ef2:1084%eth0.


Denis Vincent


Clock2 yrs

Awesome, thank you. I'm using the same format that works with SSH command line. If RDM requires something else some inline help would be great.

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Hi Jo,

Here's the version:

Could you try it? And if the fix doesn't resolve your issue, could you send us back your log?

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock2 yrs