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Someway to handle UAC better

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Hey there, I've been checking out Wayk Now as maybe a replacement or addition to our current Teamviewer usage but the only big function that's missing for us is the ability to control UAC prompts.

What I mean by this is consider the following scenario: A user needs support but doesn't have local administrator rights. When he opens up Wayk Now he gets a UAC prompt asking for an administrator password. User doesn't know password and clicks no, Wayk Now continues to start.

I as the engineer connect to his session and needs to do something that requires UAC permissions, for example to install something.
I open the setup file, user gets same UAC prompt and since he doesn't have the password (or isn't allowed to know the password) he can't open it for me.

Since Wayk Now isn't running in UAC mode, we as the engineer also don't see the UAC prompt so we can't input the password for him meaning we're stuck and we're unable to help the user.

If I were to be using Teamviewer I could tell the user please click no and hold on a bit, then I would close my Teamviewer session and reconnect but use Windows Authentication and fill it in with an administrator. Doing this triggers something in Teamviewer to open Teamviewer as Administrator and sometimes only asks user Yes or No in a UAC prompt (which I tell the user to click on Yes). After that I can do everything I need to do as Administrator.

This feature is very important to me if I want to consider switching from Teamviewer to Wayk Now.
Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

With kind regards,
Jeffrey Veenhuis

Clock7 mths

Hi Jeffrey,

We added an option to disable the UAC prompt (and run with less privileges), which will be available in the next release. However, given the description of your problem, this won't be enough. The real solution will come in the next major release, with the Windows unattended mode. The current UAC prompt is useful to allow Wayk Now to inject events in special windows, such as the task manager.

Long story short, even if the current version of Wayk Now runs with elevated permissions, it is unable to capture secure Windows desktops such as the UAC prompt, the screen saver, or the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen. The only way to handle those cases properly is with a server running as a background Windows service. Once we have the unattended mode, the regular Wayk Now window will no longer need elevated privileges, because the server will already be doing the work in the background with service privileges.

We should be able to make a first release of the Windows unattended mode during the summer.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock7 mths