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Ability to view credentials of VPN connections created in RDM for Windows

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In our company we have a mix of Windows and Mac users. In RDM for Windows, it is possible to create entries to VPN connections. While the specific connection details are linked to a corresponding plugin, depending on the type of VPN, the credentials can be entered like any other entry.

On RDM for Mac, these entries do show up, and logically, they are unusable because there's no plugin for it. While this is not an issue for us (and we understand the constraints and difficulties to get this working as in Windows), it would be nice to be able to view and copy the credentials of those VPN entries.

This way, I do not have to revert to RDM for Windows to look up a password, then paste it in the VPN client on my Mac.


Best regards,
Jelle Hillen

Clock2 yrs

Hi Jelle,

I'm pretty sure we could do this. But this might need quite a bit of work since we'd have to add a partial implementation (with limited support, in this case copy Username/Password) of all add-on.

I'll add this to the TODO list.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock2 yrs