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.Net Error on Devolution server event logs

Hi Folks,

Another weird one. We login to our devolutions server datasource which uses sql data store with our AD credentials and google 2fa. It logs in and works fine.

Fairly often after a short time maybe 5 minutes it pops up asking for the google authenticator again then no matter what you put in wrong/right, click cancel or go offline, RDM will become unresponsive and only way to close it is to end task it.

At the same time on the devolutions server we get a .net error relating to its app pool as shown attached, the ip address mentioned in the error is the ip of the workstation that RDM locked up on.

This only seems to have started to happen for users in rdm version (was ok on, not sure about don't think anyone updated to that)

RDM works fine in offline mode if you go offline before it pops up asking for the authenticator again, if you click go offline when it pops that up it becomes unresponsive.

Devolutions server version:


.net error.txt
Clock4 days

i just uninstalled and installed and it's doing the same thing so its not that. Although I did get a slightly different .net error as attached

.net error2.txt
Clock4 days


Could you please send us the DVLS Diagnostic report?

And do you have other error messages in the DVLS logs?

Best regards,

Érica Poirier

Customers that use Devolutions Server are provided free remote sessions for performing upgrades. Please send a request to the Devolutions Service Desk to get the process started.


Clock4 days