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RDM freezes on Mac and Windows -- having to kill off RDM

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So I was working with someone on RDM for Windows for a potential solution for his team. He was seriously not impressed by how he was required to use Task Manager to stop RDM after a session login failed. I was like "huh, never seen that on the Mac" and felt a little platform pride...

...until I went back to my desk and tried to replicate his problems on my Mac. And sure enough, same freeze required me to Force Quit RDM.

Seems the connection scripts can freeze the entire app on both platforms. That's not good.

Clock2 yrs

Ok, but could you give more details about the connection scripts?

David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

Whatever is built into the product. My phrasing assumes you've got a script that handles SSH authentication to set up the tunnel.

Clock2 yrs