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RDP Connection failure in tab and not on a modal dialogue.

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I have the (bad) habbits of leaving loads of session-tabs opened. Some connections require a VPN which from time to time needs to be refreshed / re-authenticated. When I dont do this in time all the connections are lost at +- the same time.

The application gives a modal dialogue for each session. Because of the modal dialog I needs to close each window before i can (re)start my VPN which is also sitting in the tool but which i cant click - because it is covered with a load of modal dialogues.

After I re-opened the VPN i need to re-open my sessions i want to use.

The same happens when I'm fed up and work and leave to my home. I just close my laptop and open it at home. Since all connections are lost I needs to click loads of windows before I can re-use the tool.

In my opinion it would be cool to have the errormessage appear inside the sessions-TAB. A other option is to auto-close the connection without any dialog ; but that can be weird from time to time i suppose (tabs disappearing).

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Could you please go to File -> Options -> Types -> RDP -> Check "Disable embedded RDP error message"? This might do what you are looking for.

This should prevent the behavior you were mentioning above.

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James Lafleur


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Thanks - this is what i was looking for!

Would also be a good idea to let the tab open (so you know there is a connection issue) ; and show the message only in the tab - not as modal dialogue.

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There is another option for this.
Please go to File -> Options -> Types -> Keep Tab Page Opened on disconnect

This will affect all of your Sessions, you can also find an option in your session's properties page, User Interface -> Keep tab page opened on disconnect that will override the general on set in the previous


Alex Belisle


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