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Dear Support team,

We are trying to setup 2FA in RDMS using email. We have an sms gateway that integrates with our exchange server, parses the email and send it as sms.

Each time RDMS send the 2fa code our sms gateway is crashing :

##INFO PopMonitor |read message count from inbox
##INFO PopMonitor |Create PopMessages
##INFO PopMonitor |Create PopMessage
##INFO PopMonitor |PopMessage from:
##ERROR PopMonitor |Error:: java.lang.String
##INFO PopMonitor |Create PopMessage

We do think this is due to the way the 2fa HTML email is formatted. Is there a way to send this email in plain text? if there isn't would you consider implementing it?



Clock2 yrs


So what I understand is that you are using HTML 2FA to your SMS gateway and you would like to receive the email as a plain text email. If this is correct, unfortunately we do not have plain text features for Devolutions Server.

I just transfer your post to the feature request section.

Best regards,

David Grandolfo

Although our various support queues will be monitored for emergencies, Devolutions' offices will be closed on June 24 and July 1st, 2019.


Clock2 yrs