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Prompt for disconnect by someone else?

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Is it possible to show a warning or a prompt to ask you if you want to be disconnected by someone else? I've configured "Keep tab page opened on disconnect" to True and I've also configured the RDP entry to do this:


However, the prompt only comes up when I disconnect my own session. However, other admins on the same server could disconnect me and I don't get a prompt or warning.

Always using the latest beta RDM x64 version.
Local data source.

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There is two ways to do something similar to what you wish to achieve.

The first would be to to check "Warn if already opened", this will show a warning message to anyone trying to open an RDP entry that is already in use.
To do so, please go to the Properties of your RDP entry -> Security ->Logs -> Check "Warn if already opened"
You can use the following link in order to learn more on that topic:

The second would be to use the Check Out System on your entries, please use the following link in order to configure the "Check Out System" on your entries

Please let us know if none of these solutions works for you

Best regards,

James Lafleur

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Hi James,

This would require the users to use RDM wouldn't it? Not everyone in the company is using RDM, or has a license for it.

I was hoping that there would be an option to notify that my session will be disconnected by someone else, i.e event based trigger.

Always using the latest beta RDM x64 version.
Local data source.

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As far as I know, there is no solution for that.


David Hervieux


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