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Moving folder with shortcuts scrambles folder path

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Using RDM for Mac, when moving a folder containing shortcut items to a different folder causes a problem with those items.

In the attached image, two shortcutted entries are linked in a top folder called "Backup". When moving the "Backup" top folder to the subfolder "Genk", the folder gets created in the subfolder, but two additional folders are created ("Backupervers" and "Backuptorage"), which correspond with folders the items are also present (shortcuts) in ("Servers" and "Storage").

It seems that somehow, the folder names get mixed up (perhaps character escaping due to the backslash?) when moving.

Best regards,
Jelle Hillen

RDM move with shortcuts bug.png
Clock2 yrs

Hi Jelle,

I reproduce something somewhat similar, yet quite different. In my case, inside of a SQLite data source, doing what I think is what you did gave me this result:

Before doing the move (by drag and dropping):


After doing the move:


This might be two different behavior of the same issue. But I can't be sure.

What type of data source are you using?

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock2 yrs

Xavier Fortin wrote:

What type of data source are you using?

Hi Xavier,

This was in a MySQL datasource, connecting to MySQL 5.5.55 (on Debian Linux 8.8).
I did use drag and drop to move the folder.

Best regards,
Jelle Hillen

Clock2 yrs