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Marking the active window

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When I have many windows open it annoys me that the active foreground window has a darker tab. I know that I can set this to something else, but I need to do it for each server ( and I have several hundred of them) it would be great to be able to set how the foreground windows tab is highlighted ( darker / lighter/ black/white/flashing and so on) at a global level for all server sessions.

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Could you post a print screen of what you mean?


David Hervieux


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Here is a screen dump to show What I mean, Until you begin to use colours for the tabs it is easy to spot the active tab as it is the ONLY one that is a different shade of gray. But when you have begun to use colours to group customers and enviornments like I have here It becomes much harder to spot the active tab. (in the enclosed screenshot it is DEFPRODDB2012) I really I would like to be able to set it so that the active tab is White with black text.

But I want to be able to do this at a global level, rather than having to edit the UI settings for each individual server.

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