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Setting Default for RDP Clipboard sharing

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I have imported a large number RPD sessions. All of them have Clipboard sharing not enabled. I can turn this on for indivual sessions but I can't find a "global" setting to enable this on for all RDP sessions. Is this passible?

I'm running RDM 5.3 on a Mac 10.13.4.

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Hi Michael,

You can select all your entries and execute a Custom AppleScript batch action. To do so first select the Custom AppleScript batch action:



Then, copy the following script in the Script field and press OK:

set value of _connection of property "UsesClipboard" to TRUE
save _connection

This should enable Clipboard sharing for all selected sessions.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


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It would be possible to change this behavior to all your existing RDP sessions with the help of our Batch Edit feature

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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