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SSH Port Forwarding - Make failed login attempts editable

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Hi Guys

We use the Module «SSH Port Forwarding» to make a connection on a Jumpstation. The password for the connection is an OneTime-Code which is different each time a user logs in.
As we are all humans, sometimes we make a typo and we do not type the correct password. So far so good, the module tries it 5 times with the wrong password before he asks for a new one. Our security settings will block each user who tries 3 times to login with a wrong password. Due to this, the most of our users are locked out right know due to this issue.

It would be great if it's possible, if the login attempts for this module could be configurable.


Clock12 mths

I will ask our team to check this.


David Hervieux


Clock12 mths


Having it be editable isn't currently possible. Still, we've made some changes internally and it will only try once instead of three times. This will be available in the next RDM version.


Hubert Mireault


Clock11 mths