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Extended feature for session logs (templates)

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just an idea for a extended feature. At the moment you have to type everytime the text if you configured "Prompt for comment on open" respectively "..on close"

I thought of an user defined dropdown field (that the datasource admin can define)and a datasource option like "Allow log dropdown template -
so if a user open an session, a additional dropdown field would be added to the existing text line where now a predefined string could be selected.

Maybe as an additional datasource setting (if the custom dropdown templates is enabled) like "Allow multiple selection" - so you can choose with several clicks "Support" , "Troubleshooting" , "Helpdesk ID and additional in the text line helpdesk number.

I think this would also improve the interaction and you can save some time..

But as I said - just an idea Wave- what do you think? Feedback Requested


Clock2 yrs

Hello Min,
I think that this could be easy to add.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs