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SSH Private Key - Show Authorized Key

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When using a stored private key, there needs to be a way to easily get the authorized key value. Similar function is available in Keepass2 KeeAgent plugin.

When you open the private key or "personal private key" credential, it should have a field displaying the authorized key with button to copy to clipboard. This could replace the private key view which is very rarely needed. The private key display could be a separate button that shows the raw data in a popup or something.

Further enhancement would be to have a button on ssh and other relevant session entries that allows you to copy the authorized key straight to your clipboard for the selected key.

A step past that, would be implementing "ssh-copy-id" functionality, which SSHes to the host and populates the authorized_key value automatically. This function should also set the proper file permissions. I recognize this function would not work all of the time due to differences in OS environments, but would work more often than not.

Clock2 yrs

I will enter a feature request for that. It sounds interesing.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs