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Hi There,

We are differents Teams here using RDM in same time and I try to find since long time a way to have a morning check visible for all these teams.
As we all use RDM, I finally find that could be the right place.

Morning check with RDM :

- Easy to give access to the new MC (MorningCheck) feature by Teams (As we already do inside RDM - ActiveDirectory groups)
- A way to easely create a list of morning control ( or a custom way to do it )
- a morning dashboard visible of each team in a way to see where could be issue

My idea is the next. We have a lot of product to control (SCCM, Skype, Exchange ect...) each morning (like a lot of IT guys I suppose), and we always didn't know if this control as done and as done well by others Teams (local support, Admin guys).

As we all use RDM, It could be a morning check dashboard which could be accessed by everyone and modified by some of them.
The dashboard could be a result of some checkmark done from a list of control to do or something like that.

I don't know if this sort of request have made in the past ?


Clock12 mths


I don't know if this could help, but we have a Task List feature in RDM.

Could you give a try to that feature?

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock12 mths