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Management Tools option for users

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Hello Community,

As I noticed, if somebody want to have Management Tools, that user should be an Administrator in order to see Management Tools for servers. I would find it useful if this option could be added to a role group in order to use it.

Management Tools:
RemoteDesktopManager64 2018 04 13 17 36 03

If I go to the Roles and tick in the Administrator role, then the user gets much much more privileges than needed (eg.: Sees all the other connections which he should not be able to see, etc.) but the user who is a member of the particular Role can use Management Tools. But I don't want to give admin privileges to every user.

RemoteDesktopManager64 2018 04 13 17 39 44

Clock8 mths


It's possible to provide access to this tab to your users without granting them the administrator right.

To do so, go in Administration -> Data Source Permissions -> Miscellaneous. If you want to provide access to what I see in your screenshot, you would need to provide them access to Remote Tools, Web management tools and Console management tools.
2018 04 13 13 16 18

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock8 mths

Hello Jeff,
Thank you for the answer, I clearly missed this option!

Clock7 mths