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FEATURE REQUEST - SSH Session + Google Auth 2FA

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Hello i'm facing a problem trying to get access to a Debian linux box configured for 2 Factor Auth with Google authenticator.

Using Putty, i'm able to login with 2fa to the target machine with no problems.

Putty let me see the requests coming from the target terminal so i can input the user's password first and then the auth code (google auth code) for 2 factor auth and then login.

With RDM, i can reach the target machine and i can input the first password (user's password). Since then, the target terminal shows 'access denied' message while RDM shows again the password field(endless loop).

Just received an email from your support team that tell me to drop some lines here as feature request.



Clock2 yrs

I have assigned this to our dev team.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs


We've added an option in the SSH Shell entry called "Interactive authentication in terminal". This can be set to True, and the credentials will be able to be entered like in putty (directly in the terminal). This will be available in the next version of RDM. Could you try it out when it's out and let us know if it works for your use case?

We're also planning to make changes to support the 2FA without requiring this change of setting.


Hubert Mireault


Clock12 mths