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Since upgrading to I'm having stability issues, when I type exit to come out of an SSH session, there is a delay before the tab closes and sometimes this causes the application to crash entirely, I just lost a session when I was in the middle of installing something, which is rubbish!

What do you need from me to diagnose this? Happy to provide logs etc. I would look to downgrade if possible as the older version was much more stable, I'm being forced to use Putty right now upset

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You encounter the same issue reported here

Our engineering department is still investigating this issue. As of now, the workaround is to close the session by using the "X" in the tab instead of typing exit.

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Jeff Dagenais

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imageHere is an image of it crashing, it's just done it again upset

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Ok thanks, ill try my best, we sometimes need the sessions to be actually closed rather than just disconnected..... so its not a great workaround. We can use putty for now if we need to properly exit.

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Please can you notify me when a fix is released, this is a painful bug for me.

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