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Some technical and business thoughts regarding WaykNow, WaykDen and licensing

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(Before I start, please remember that this is "as usual" just me thinking out loud and certainly not ment as any kind of demand.)

Regarding the self-hosting of WaykDen.
Please remember that this would be a requirement for many of our financial customers (and even tho some of them can afford many things, they don't enjoy spending any money at all and are very easily swayed/convinced by the really big players in the market [they like rubbing elbows with important people]).

So please take extreme care how the licensing model it put together regarding this feature.
I personally believe this will be play a very big factor how all this is going to be adopted by many. I will try an explain how I would perfeer this to work.

A real world scenarios/challenge I'm imagining is:
We (a small IT company, we'll call it Itbest [fictional name]) have client A, B, C and have 5 RDM Enterprise lics. Now we want to purchase WaykNow to provide remote support for all of our clients. But client A, B has compliance requirements that states that there has to be 99,999% guarantee that all sessions connections have to be established in/trough there own hosted datacenter (they could be using VPN to do that before).
And of course for other clients, you would use your own WayekDen.

By this realistic example, we would need to begin with a minimum of 3 WaykDen's. 1. Our own / Client A / Client B. And the list would just grow for more financial clients.
If we are pay for every Den deployment, I can only imagine that it would become ver expensive if you are going to charge per WaykDen deployment. It would never become scalable

If you ask me, you should be able to create/spawn as many WaykDen's deployment's from your own one as you like.
For example: We purchase 1 WaykDen Server (example: wss:// that is self hosted and from that Den server installation we could create/spawn as many sub WaykDen's as we like (example: wss:// / wss:// and install them in our clients hosting centers and etc.

This way we could fulfil all the complected compliance demands by guaranteeing that the connection always goes through the clients own hosted (remote/or on-prem) network and everything was logged and could be audited.

Also it would be important that all the WaykDen server installations (spawned or not) should have a very clear and detailed logging to fulfil even the toughest compliance demands (everything should be logged and this should not be able to be turned off, especially on spawned WaykDen installations. Basically no setting could be changed on a spawned WayekDen, but rather all setting should be controlled centrally from the "mother" WaykDen). And the primary WaykDen (mother) should always have synced logs with all it's spawned children installations (if they lose connection they should sync up ASAP when connection was back). This should even be extended to log full video recordings of all sessions going through a WaykDen.
It would also be very important that the logging records cannot be changed in any way, shape or form under any circumstances... EVER (this goes, even for the owner of the data itself). Then it would just be up to the customer for how long these logs/session recordings should go back in time, and what quality the sessions should be recorded in and other settings.
(quick note. An option to receive alarms/notifications if specific settings are changed).
WaykNow /Den:
And one other major hindrance I see in WaykNow becoming a future favorit amongst IT people, is the licencing is not offered as a concurrent user licence.
This is very frustrating. I completely understand that you have to earn a living, but this is one of the things I love most about Bomgar. All licenses are concurrent, not named.
That means of course that everyone in the company can use the product (as per concurrent count of licences purchased). And not just specific people.
Maybe you could make an alternative license available that would cover concurrent lics. and they could perhaps have a higher price point to cover "a bit" of overhead /loss of income.
But it would most certainly draw many new customers in and loyal ones at that (just look at others doing this).

Hehe ok, this became a way longer post then intended.
Whatever direction Devolutions goes with this product, I'm sure I'll be following closely and using it wink
Have a great weekend smile


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Thank you Brandur. I will let Marc André, the product owner, answer you for this one smile

By the way, excellent post.


David Hervieux


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Hi Brandur,

First, thank you for your feedback. Our entire development team took the time to read it so we could discuss it. There are a lot of very interesting points, and I think we need to take some time to reflect on this further. While I fully agree with a lot of what is being requested, the difficult thing to do will be to decide in what order we implement the features so we can start delivering something of value in a reasonable time frame. On my side, I will at least make it a task to evaluate how much work would be required for the different parts and come back to you later next week with some further comments.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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