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Shortcut for moving Entrys between Repositorys

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We are using a additional Repository for archiving old passwords and TeamViewer IDs.
Moving entries form one to to another Repository is a little bit tricky. Especially if you do not have the permission to export entries for security reasons.

Technically RDM would only need to check permissions and change the repository property of the entry.

It would be nice to have a shortcut (right klick menu) to move multiple entries and complete trees from one to another Repository.

Clock2 yrs

Hello Thomas,

did you know the Transfer to Repository feature?


Clock2 yrs

This Feature is exactly what i mean.... except it is not available for non Administrators.

So the Feature Request should be: Please make "Transfer to Repository" available to non-Administrators.

Clock2 yrs

Moving from one repository to another requires a lot of security and validation checks. Which mean that if you are not administrator, it's nearly impossible to do. I will add this to our todo but this is not a simple task.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs