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Session name copy without edit

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Ok here is another symptom we wonder if could be found a solution.

Our RDM session names are referenced a great deal in email and other communications. We have normalized our RDM names to include essential info.

Some people on the team have the luxury to hit F2 and capture parts of the RDM name to clipboard if they have edit session permission.

Is there a way to possibly allow select copy on RDM session name without having edit rights?

Here is an example session name

And i just wanted to copy the IP or maybe the hostname or the whole name except user. I know we do use the copy username hotkeys and for hostname but if some additional parts of the name are required to and it would be easier to allow a highlight and ctrl+c option without giving full edit rights to the sessions. The user does not need to change the name just be able to copy parts of it.

Clock2 yrs

This is something we plan to do soon.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs