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More user permission controls

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Ok we have been using RDM for a long time here are some features i think we would enjoy and would help other RDM users.

Here are some User permission options i would like added.

1. Credential Manager Permission. This would allow users to manage credentials only without having edit rights to the whole session. Maybe a key combo to open the credential manager options like change username, domain, password. Copy buttons next to each. and a password change history button at bottom. I know this only allowed for RDM managers but i would prefer to give this permission without full admin rights.

2. Request access permission. This would be an exclusive option meaning if this permission is selected then all others are off. Basically we want sessions visible to many users but do not want them to have access to session without asking for permission. So basically the sessions in that security group would be grayed out and disabled but the user could double click session with a request for access prompt. This would generate an email to the session owner to ask for access.

I could make up some mock screenshots of screens and right click menu options if these text descriptions are not clear enough.

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Here is another

3. Recycle Bin Permission. So per user/role to security group give the option for a user to be able to see deleted sessions in that security group and be able to recover. Again i know this is currently possible as RDM admin but it should be a permission that can be issued to users/roles.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will enter 3 feature requests in our system. I can promise you anything but I will consider them.


David Hervieux


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