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Supporting bitwarden to store credentials?

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Hello together,

I've recently found Bitwarden, a very good open source password manager. It supports basically all major operating systems and the optional price for family or organization features or premium support is very competitive with other managers.
Do you plan supporting bitwarden for storing credentials?

API / code:

Long time ago, I've used 1password, but now I don't want to use cloud based systems and especially no abo licensing model. Then I used Enpass, which is okay, but hase some knockout criterias, especially concerning closed-source and no security or trust review of their product.

Bitwarden has a great support and community. So if theres a RDM plugin so, it will clearly by the point on the i.

Thanks and best regards,

Clock9 mths

Hello Alexander,
I will add this to our todo for sure.


David Hervieux


Clock9 mths

thanks for your quick reply and of course, for the positive feedback.
I'm looking forward for this credential storage in RDM!


Clock9 mths