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Add status to session properties

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it would be helpfull if the entry status (actually accessed from the context menu) could also be configured in the entry / session properties (maybe at the bottom from the more page near the Expire section).

File => Options => User Interface => Tree view => Hide expired entries is checked
File => Options => User Interface => Tree view => Hide expired groups is checked

If you set an entry to the expired status, it will show in the notification panel, if you want now to change the status to another or back to standard, it is impossible from right click => properties. You had to go to UI options, uncheck the options, refresh the GUI and now you can set the entry status again with the context menu.
(So the same would be helpfull for folders.)



Clock2 yrs

Good point,
I will add this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs