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Documentation: URL instead of editor

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Would is be possible to open a website to view documentation instead of using the documentation directly in RDM?

We would prefer to use SharePoint (for example a word document); or a "readme" in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). This way the documentation is indexed in the search we use.

Clock2 yrs

You would like to load the SharePoint documentation in the documentation tab?


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

Yes, i would like to load a word document in SharePoint as the 'documentation' for a folder / entry.

If you are able to use a external URL as source of visualization of the "documentation tab" ; this would create a enormous amount of possibilities
=> Document in SharePoint
=> Readme file from VSTS / github
=> WIKI page

Currently you can do this by addion http link and disable the toolbar (see attachment).

Its just an idea.

Clock2 yrs