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Print All Documentation Tabs under one Folder, Customer and Company

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Hello Develutions-Team,
I love the documentation function.
I would like to have a possibility to print all documentations in one folder or saved under one customer in one step. That would be great. Because at them moment I have to print them all step by step and that needs a very long time.

or a multiselection entries an right click print is would be a good beginning!

Maybe a solution: Print-All-Documents from one company

It would help a lot in the daily routine.

Kind regards

Clock2 yrs

I will add a feature request for that. What kind of information do you store in the documentation?


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

Nice :-)

we store Customer Information for Customer and Technican Handouts...
Documentation fpr a Customer
This is a Folder with TK ITEM and Server ITEMS..
Main information is available on the customer's folder
System information on the entries in the directory/folder
Small Example:

Folder: Customer Name

IP-Subnet - 254

3 Servers
Windows DC / Linux Mail / Linux Proxy

1 TK System 15 User Phones

5 Printer on HQ

Customer telecommunications system Manufacturer: Innovaphone Model: IP411 Equipment stage: N/A Name on Network: TKIP411 IP address: subnet: Administration: User name: Admin Password:xyz______________________________________________________________

Server 1

Windows Server DC an FIleserver


Clock2 yrs