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Add support for Azure VPN

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The Azure VPN is a new VPN solution (different from standard Microsoft's Windows VPN solution). It’s a certificate based VPN.
See here:
After creating the VPN gateway in Azure, it’s matter of created a certificate, uploading the certificate to the Azure gateway. Importing the certificate in Windows , installing the VPN client.

Clock2 yrs

What should we do in RDM to support it? Do we need to invoke something?


David Hervieux


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I'm not sure. It's a separate install for me. You're welcome to take a look at my system when performing an install (I need to add another Azure VPN connection to a different VPN Gateway later this week).

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I am affraid the installer does more then just creating a VPN (which you could make directly in RDM) ; the installer also adds some certificates.
More insights can be found here:

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