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Wayk Now 2.0... I can control a remote computer's mouse but when the computer user moves his mouse, I can not see the movement. It would be fantastic if the remote mouse could be visible (and possibly highlighted with a circle - both mine and his/hers).

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Hi Raphael,

We had such a feature prior to the 2.0 release, but we pulled it because it was incomplete and caused a lot of problems with client-side rendering. The main issue issue with such a feature is that since the remote cursor is not part of the remote desktop image, we need to manually draw it on the client, and it becomes very hard to get it done right when mixed with client-side zooming. We can revisit such a feature if there is enough demand for it. Is this a nice to have feature, or a deal breaker for you?

Just to clarify we are talking of the same thing: you mean that when the user on the server computer moves his mouse, the mouse movement is also seen on the client computer. In 2.0, moving the mouse on the client moves the mouse on the server, but moving the mouse on the server does nothing on the client.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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