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Playlist Management Order enhancement

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In the Playlist Management, you can change the order of the connections that get loaded. To change the order, you have to use the up or down arrow to move the connection entry up or down. The problem is that after you've moved the entry (either up or down), the entry itself gets deselected. So if you were to move say "Example Entry" up 10 slots, you'd have to select, move, select, move, select move.....

It should instead just be a single entry select, then click the up arrow 10 times to move it.

The other problem is that if you were to move multiple entries, well you can't. You can't do a shift or ctrl click.

It is a bit painful when you have e.g. 20 connections to be opened in a specific order that you want, and if you're constantly making adjustments, it's a bit of a nightmare / waste of time.

Always using the latest beta RDM x64 version.
Local data source.

Clock2 yrs

I agree. I will try to improve it.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs