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visual effect or flash on Tab when session changes

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Hi, I’m Linux user and I used the Konsole session manager on Linux before going to use your Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise edition client., nut now I've a big gap.

Is there a way to be warned in some way (flash or blinking effect on the tab?) when new output text is displayed on opened ssh and/or telnet sessions?

Let’s make an example. I open an ssh session to my server and launch a command that will take some minutes to finish. In the meantime I open a second session to the same host in order to work on another programs. It is very usefull if I’m warned by the first tab when the first command finishes and return to prompt (so new text is printed in background on the first session).

This will avoid me to check in polling on opened tab by clicking them manually if their commands are ended or not.


Clock2 yrs

It's not possible for now but I will add a feature request. It's definitively something nice to have.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs