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Custom Password Lists

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Hey there guys.

Just had a nice session with Mark and he referred me to this forum to submit my request smile

So basically I was wondering if you guys can make a feature similiar to the password list but be able to change what columns/properties you have.

This feature could be very helpful to group together a bunch of Office 2016 Keys (with machine service tag/token/keys) or other types of information that you don't regularly need. This also could prevent clutter in your treeview per customer.

Currently my workaround is to use the password list anyway but I put the Token in User and the Key in Password and the Servicetag or name of the user in the Description but I want to do it properly smile

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Veenhuis

Clock2 yrs

Hello Jeffrey,
I have something similar on my todo list. I will try to do something for RDM 14. In the meantime have you tried the documentation tab?

| Name | User| Serial |
| Office 2016 | David | 12222222222222222 |
| Office 2016 | Marc | 12222222222222222 |
| Office 2016 | Stéphane | 12222222222222222 |


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

This could be decent but not as good as having it as a custom password list smile
Hope you can get it in for RDM14, any ETA in mind for RDM14?

Clock2 yrs

The other workaround is to use the Worksheet document.

Don't worry for the original feature, it's on my todo list.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs