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DVLS & SQL Server 2017?

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Does DVLS support SQL Server 2017?

I moved the DB to the SQL 2017 server as stated in other thread for changing SQL Servers, Ie. backup using SSMS, restore using SSMS, repoint DVLS to new server. When I should do the last stage to fix user logins (mostly AD authenticated) the hammer is grey for each and every user .... The TEST Server and TEST Database was OK so DVLS seems to have connection to DB.

Havent updated to, mostly since I havent found any release notes to help guide me if that is the problem.

RDM on DVLS server is


Clock2 yrs

I've sorted it, forgot to add the domain user that owned the DB in the new DB, after a bit of tinkering it worked. The clue for the error was that i tried to access the DVLS webpage and there the error message clearly hinted at that the user in question couldnt login.

Clock2 yrs