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The copy username and password function has some idiosyncrasies.

In chrome it usually works pasting username, then password in most site, but then randomly wont paste at all

In IE 11 it only ever pastes the password rather than username with in first paste.

Also, I dont see what the difference between "copy once" and "legacy" is. Both will copy username and password with a single click. how do these options differ?

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Here’s the definition for both options;

Paste once (secure): This is our default method used for the clipboard, it is more secure allowing you to copy once, paste two (copy the credentials, paste the username, paste the password) without having to actually copy twice. For more information please follow this link.

Legacy: Some application has been known to cause issues with the Paste once (secure) method, if experiencing problems, you can revert to the legacy copy/paste method.

Indeed, you should have better success using Chrome or Firefox instead of IE. When it's stop working, if you restart PVM, is it working again after?

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Jeff Dagenais


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