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Require a specific amount of letters in opening prompt

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Hello Devolutions Team,

I would like to submit a feature request. I am working at a service provider which hosts serveral server systems and VMs for our customers.

We want take advantage of the "Usage Logs" in RDM to log when a user connected to a specific session and with which purpose he opened the session.
Therefor it exists the option „Prompt for comment on open“ and additional to that „Open comment is required“ as you can see on the attached screenshot.

But even when this field is required for opening the session, it doesn't prevent that someone only fills one letter or a point into the prompt for opening the connection.

It would be great, if you can configure the requirements of the prompt, especially a minimum of letters that are necessary to fill in (e.g. 8 letters for a ticket number or a short sentence with the reason for using the session).

Additional a customizable dropdown menu with predefined reasons (e.g. Maintainance, Installation, Configuration change) would also be thinkable.

This would be a great help regarding our needs. I hope this idea will find positive resonance.

Best regards


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Hello Christiane,
I will enter 2 feature requests. The first one should not be hard to implement (minimum comment length).


David Hervieux


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Any progress on this feature request? I'e to force a ticket number to be entered?

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This change has been done by our engineering department.

The option you are looking for is called "Minimum length (char)" and it can be found in Administration - Data Source Setting - General - Security - Comments

Once configured, this should prevent your users from entering a comment with less than "x" character.

Best regards,

James Lafleur

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