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We are interested in having a documentation with an extra tab like "forms", where we can use a (example: html) template with fields where we can add some notes. This should be stored in a file or another tab (only shown for the admin - could also be the "editor" tab - so you do not need to add another tab for this). The "view" tab is a read only for all those, who want to see the documentation and if they need to update a data, they should use the "form" tab.
Could be that this kind of editor is not working for what we need, but perhaps you can find another?

Clock2 yrs

I will enter a feature requests for that. This could be interesting indeed.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

It is important for as, that the structure of the documentation of all customers are the same and with a kind of template we could handle this. So no one of the technicians could add a kind of:
ServerPassword_old, ServerPassword_olderthenold,...
or change the structure.
It should be possible to safe the data in the editor tab or directly in the database of the customer folder.

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would be nice if the documentation Tab gets an Update to use HTML Forms

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