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PowerShell scripting - how to connect to datasource

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I have installed Remote Desktop Manager Free with Local Data Source (SQL file).
I try to prepare PowerShell script which will add entries to my RDM.
Probably I doing something wrong with DataSource connection initialization ( I didn't find good step by step sample in RDM help or in Internet resources).

Could someone give me some step by step sample how to set DatSource connection before New-RDMSession command ?

When type this commands in PowerShell console started with Administrator rights:


ID Name Type
-- ---- ----
933f6e09-0061-43ad-b101-602d2827d964 Local Data Source SQLite

$ds = Get-RDMDataSource -Name "Local Data Source"
Set-RDMCurrentDataSource -DataSource $ds

$computerName = "wind10"
$session = New-RDMSession -Host $computerName -Type "RDPConfigured" -Name $computerName
Set-RDMSession -Session $session -Refresh

I don't get any errors.
But when I start Remote Desktop Manager Free I have still empty connection tree without any entry (especially:

What I am doing wrong ?

Clock2 yrs

Hello Dariusz,

the PowerShell scripting feature is only available in the Enterprise Version => Compare Editions


Clock2 yrs