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(Templates) Password List Credential - Open existing sessions

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My users really like the password list credential type. The challenge is that they are prompted twice when sending to a template (for obvious reasons). Would it be possible to pass the selected Password List item as a "converted" username\password credential type?

This also presents a couple challenges when using the "Open existing sessions" option with the password list (or any prompt for credentials). When selecting the option to connect previous sessions on open, they are initially prompted for a password and then a template (with no indication of what system they are connecting to).

Could the credential (possibly index number of password list) and thetemplate ID's be saved and passed to RDM so it doesn't require any action on the users part?

If not, would it be possible to identify what session they are connecting to in the password or template prompt?

Lastly (and likely a major architecture change) , could open previous sessions be allowed to execute against all repositories? Currently, users are only prompted to open sessions within the repository they login to initially.

  • An alternative might be to be able to prompt as they switch repositories?
  • Most of our users will work in a single repository however, we currently force all users into an initial repository that contains a knowledgebase on how to use the product (for new users). If we change this to "last used repository", new users will get a seemingly random (I think alphabetical) repository which they likely don't have permissions for. If we could force new users into a default repository, we could enable 'last used repository" for everyone else.
  • Prompt for repository on open

Sorry for being so long winded. smile

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Hello Ryan
Could you try to setup for a me a small local database with the scenario? I will investigate to see how hard it is to forward the information to the call.


David Hervieux


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Thanks David. I setup a quick test database(attached). It's rather basic using Host session and a couple template types. I don't think I can send a personal credential, but if you create a "my personal credential" with the Password List type, then user override credentials for one of the test servers... this will replicate the dual password prompt. With the latest addition of "allow credentials only" in the password vault, this might be a moot point as users can create as many username\password credentials as they want.

If you modify the test host sessions and credentials to a value that is functional, close with multiple active sessions, then reopen... you will get this prompt.


While this will reopen the session, it does not take into account the credential or template that was previously used and prompts again for credential and template. With a large list of opened sessions... it's nearly impossible to identify what device you are connecting to. When prompted again for credentials and/or template.... What is RDM trying to connect to? Which credential to use? What template? Etc.

Regarding repositories, the Restore Connections only pulls information from the currently logged on data source when RDM is first launched.

  • Create two repositories. Set one to "always log on to" in the data source properties.
  • In the other repository, create and connect to multiple sessions (close RDM with active sessions)
When opening RDM, it will logon to the specified data source that had no active sessions and will not prompt to open previous sessions even when changing repositories.

The ideal behavior (at least for us) would be that the previous session, the credential, and the template are all stored and passed through automatically. Preferably when changing repositories rather than just at application start.

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