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Hey guys,
Could you add a search feature at the top when connected to a hypervisor session? When I connect there is a huge list of virtual machines, which can take time to navigate. A search feature either on the top bar or somehow include the VM's in the session search at the bottom left in the main window.


Clock2 yrs

Also whilst thinking about it, it would be cool if you could add a column for the host that the VM is hosted on, if I connect to a virtual centre server for example, I have no idea which host the VM is on by only looking at the list.

Clock2 yrs

Could you post a print screen? You can send me a private message.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

I just sent you an image via private message... I think I attached it... can't see it in my sent messages though so hope you have it.

Clock2 yrs