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Shortcut Option for Custom-Installer

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would be nice if you would provide the possibility to enable or disable the creation of shortcuts on the taskbar/desktop/start menu:


We enroll the msi package with Symantec Altiris wich installs it over the msiexec command "msiexec.exe /i "Setup.RemoteDesktopManager." /qn ALLUSERS=2". The problem is, that everytime we enroll an update the installer creates Shortcuts on desktop and the taskbar (2 icons: x32/x64-version). That's really annoying for many employees.


Clock2 yrs

I wish it would be simple but unfortunately the way we create the custom installer, we can't access this setting to control the installer options. Honestly at this point I don't have a solution but I will think about it.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

Hi Nico,

we ran into a similar situation not long ago. We had the problem that the 64-Bit RDM Icon was pinned onto the taskbar and people were starting this version instead of the 32-Bit version. The problem was that the 64-Bit version did not work well with some of the SAP Addons that we use (SAPGui). Our solution was to remove the pinned Icon with a powershell script after the installation.

The script we used (and customized to our needs) can be found here:

If you just want to delete a desktop icon you could send a del command that deletes the *.lnk file after the installation process is done.
i.e. del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Remote Desktop Manager.lnk" /Q

If you need further help with the script let me know.

Best regards,

Clock2 yrs