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Import/Synchronize contact list by script

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I need to import contact from our ERP into RDM Contact List

Looking at available command-let I did not find any useful command that allow to manage RDM contacts

Anyone tried it? Any idea?



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You can use the New-RDMSession cmdlet with the parameter Type set to Contact. Then you can fill the Contact properties in the MetaInformation property of the session object.

Here is a sample on how to create a Contact in RDM with the PowerShell cmdlets.

$session = New-RDMSession -Name "MyContact" -Type "Contact"
$session.MetaInformation.FirstName = "John"
$session.MetaInformation.LastName = "Doe"
Set-RDMSession $session -Refresh;

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock3 yrs