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SSH Shell crashes after launch on Samsung Tab S3

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I have an issue that when I lauch a SSH Shell session the session start, I get a black screen, and then it crashes and goes back to the RDM connection screen with an error of "Connection has been terminated..." The same connect works fine in my windows client?

Clock3 yrs

Hi Jared,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Can you provide more information: Type of server you are trying to connect to with SSH, server version, ...

Do you use a private key?

Which OS version are you running on your Samsung Tab 3?

Also, can you send us the logs? When you see the error "Connection has been terminated", just select the application drawer -> Help And support -> Report a Problem / Send Logs, fill out the form and press ok to send us the information.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


Clock3 yrs