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Link a Host-Entry as Jump-Host

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Hello Devolutions Support Team,

it would be nice if you provide the possibility to link an existing host entry inside a ssh session as "SSH Gateway (jump Host)", so that we don't have to change the jump host ip of more that 30 ssh sessions but the ip of the jump host session-entry.

Best Regards

Nico Lammert

Clock2 yrs


It's possible to update the SSH Gateway (jump host) host field on your 30 SSH Shell sessions at the same time using PowerShell.

To do so, select your SSH Shell sessions and go in Edit -> Batch Edit -> Batch Actions -> Custom PowerShell Command and execute the following script;

$connection.Terminal.SSHGatewayHost = "192.x.x.x."

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Although our various support queues will be monitored for emergencies, Devolutions' offices will be closed on June 24 and July 1st, 2019.


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I will enter a feature request for the Linked Host.


David Hervieux


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