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We continue to work RDM into our business/client support each month and found a few more things we wish it could do:

1: Improve "Contact" Data Entry Support:

There is a data entry session type, but it is missing a easy and quick mode for the one we the one we use it the most for. Each client has a folder and we have all their servers/etc, using Sessions like everyone using RDM likely does. However, as we spend so much time in RDM to connect to things, we have found it handy to have a Group/Folder with the Customer Contacts in it. We currently use the Data entry, but it has no top level "category" that is optimal for just contact info. It has Account, Alarm Code, Bank Info, Credit Card, EMail Account, Note, Other, Software/Serial, and Web, but no "Contact" category. Interestingly, every one of those and virtually all session types DO have a "Contact" tab under the "Information" tab. However, to see that one must open the data entry, go to information, then contact, which is not efficient.

My request is to either make "Contact" a category under the data entry, or make the Dashboard view show the info in the existing contact page. So simply clicking on a contact in the navigation shows the info needed to contact the person.

A follow-up to this is to expand the contact fields just a bit. It only has one phone field and one fax field, it needs at least one more for cell phone. If it could hold a photo of the person and show it in dashboard that would be handy too. Ideally check their e-mail address at too.

2: SSH Support for authentication via Keys

With cloud services (Azure, Amazon EC2, etc.) continuing to grow, I would like an easier way to put a SSH Key based authentication entry in as a base supported feature. Right now, I have to have a local putty session and refer to that, but that doesn't help me share it with a co-worker as they won't have that session. Maybe there is already a way to do this and I haven't found it yet. Essentially I want to put the private key in such that all my staff can dbl-click on the session and get into a EC2 instance via ssh.

3: Sort priority is great, but time consuming to use. We tend to put @ in front of names to get them at the top, but would rather not. Having to figure out what number to use is inefficient. I know you support drag/drop for moving an entry, and I think that is appropriate. I would like to see some mouse based way to just re-order items (not move) within their current hierarchical level. I can see this working WITH move by changing the icon from the Blue arrow when moving it into something, vs. a blue line between elements when re-sorting the item. However, I would be fine with holding down a key like shift/alt to re-order, or even using shift+arrows or ctrl+arrows to move items up/down in a list. This would greatly speed up ordering items in the order we want.

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Hi Brett,

#1 We plan to improve the contact management soon. I will add the cell phone in the next minor update. I will also verify how difficult it would be to add the contact information in the dashboard.

#2 This is already implemented internally. We have a new type of data called document. This type can be an SSH key to re-use

#3 I'm aware of this and I plan to add a dialog to organize the list. This will only be available to admin at the beginning because we need an unfiltered list.

David Hervieux


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