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iTerm session hangs when connecting to AWS instance

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I'm having a problem with connecting to Ubuntu 16.04 running on EC2 using public key and the iTerm terminal. The ssh session is being opened, the user is being logged in, bash prompt is shown, but after executing any command e.g. "ls" iTerm session hangs and closes after some time.

I do not experience such behavior when logging into that instance using a standalone iTerm connection.

I'm using the version

Please help.


Clock3 yrs

Hi Lukasz,

Could you try the SSH Shell session? Or is there a reason you must use the iTerm session? The iTerm session is somewhat of an old integration which is difficult to maintain and update.

Have you experienced this issue with other servers? Or is it just with that specific Ubuntu 16.04?

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock3 yrs

Hello Xavier,

Thank you for the tip. SSH Shell session works properly.


Clock3 yrs