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Typing passwords: Execute multiple typing macro's + custom shortcuts

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Using for example Citrix and Teamviewer no copy-paste is allowed in the windows login box.

1) When the session is not logged in at all I need to type the USERNAME + PASSWORD.
2) However if the user is already logged in, and it is just locked i only need to type the password.

My Options:

* use "Username / Password" credential
-> has NO Typing Macro
=> I added 2 custom Macro's (Type Username + Passwd) and a other (Type UserName) [! macro available on ALL items of this type !]
-> would be nice to have to be able to add my macro's in the right-mouse-click menu without the need to go to Macros/tools/Script first
-> would be nice to assign a (custom) shortcut key to both of my makro's ~regular typing makro

* use Data (Login (Account))
-> has a default typing Macro with shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+A (i use this to type Username + Passwd)
-> Unable to add other Macro's in the menu ( option Macros/tools/Script not available)
=> I can create a SUB item of type Makro which types only the password.

- Can custom Macro's be enabled on both of those item.
- Can they be added in the menu (without the needs to go 2 options deep = Macros/tools/Script sub menu)
- Can (custom) shortcuts be added to items

I am new into using the tool so maybe I am doing things wrong

Clock2 yrs

I will check how we could streamline the process. I think that we miss some pieces.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs