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My Personal Credentials vs Personal Vault

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I have a terminal server environment for my users that has the Ribbon\File menu (pretty much everything) disabled via group policy. Two hopefully quick questions

1. I'd like to open up the "My Credential" feature to my end users (password list type). Is there a method to open up the GUI for the "My Credential" screen without going through the File menu?

2. We do not use roaming profiles (I know, I know. It is not up to me) and I've read that this credential was stored on disk which is an issue in a load balanced terminal server environment. The only solution I can think of would be to store the credential in the database which requires personal vaults. Can a personal vault be locked down to only credential items?

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Hello Ryan,
#1 Do you mean if we could add a shortcut to open the screen or it's more complicated than that?

#2 It's not possible for now to only allow Credentials in Private Vault. I think it could be possible to set a restriction. Is it just to make sure that they don't use a workaround?


David Hervieux


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Yes for #1.... some other method to open the My Credential interface via a session (powershell?)

For #2, we would like to give them the option to save any credentials that they might have but not create sessions. All of our sessions are based on templates which they could bypass by creating sessions in their personal vault. I really like the new password list feature as a "My Credential" but there are 34 servers that they could potentially login on through the load balancer. One day it might be there... the next day they would have to create it again.

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For #1 : The engineering department will add on the to do list the creation of new PowerShell cmdlets to get/set the My Personal Credential.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


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Thanks Erica. The PowerShell commands for setting the personal credentials does exist. The only challenge is the ability to use something other than the basic username\password credential type. As a short term workaround, I've created a session that deletes their local credentials.rdt file, and when executing a future session using "My Credentials", they are prompted through the UI to recreate it (with all of the allowed credential types).
What I was hoping for was a way to kick off the GUI for "My Personal Credentials" to allow them to edit their existing credential. This is particularly useful with the "Password List" credential that everyone (for obvious reasons) is using. Recreating a large password list every time they change or add a password is particularly painful.

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