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Datasource Connection - Ports used for MS SQL

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Hello everyone,

following situation: The sql server is on a different network than the RDM clients. The connection is through the firewall. It is not entirely clear to us which ports the RDM uses and which ports we have to release on the firewall in order to access the DataSource. The standard port, the 1433, is only used once, after that ports starting at 49000 seem to be used dynamically.

Configuring the ports via connection string ( is also useless.

My questions:

Where is it documented which ports are used for connecting to the data source?

Why are highports used?

Best Regards and thanks in advance,


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RDM uses the ports set up in the SQL Server setup.

Check your SQL Server tcp/ip port setting and that is the port SQL Server is listening on (it may say TCP Dynamic Ports but that means dynamically choosen during installation). So this port should be open from the RDM location to the SQL Server using tcp/ip.

Furthermore if you are connecting to the SQL Server using the instance naming (i.e. HOST\INSTANCE) you should also open port 1434 using udp (again from the RDM location to the SQL Server). Via this port the SQL Server Browser is connected to and the SQL Browser returns the tcp/ip port mentioned above after which the SQL Server client (RDM) reconnects via that port.

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Thanks Jan-Pieter, I just wanted to list the official documentation from Microsoft.

You can find it on

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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