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Variables for Folder->Information->General

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We would like to have variables like $COMPANY_GENERAL_DOMAIN$ and $COMPANY_GENERAL_IP$ and $SITE_GENERAL_IP$ that reference the fields in "Folder>edit>information>general". The IP one would be especially good for the way we separate out sites and if a site/wan IP changes makes it very easy to update for multiple connections at once.

We have generic passwords across all our supported customers that we change regularly.

Our setup is a folder for each separate customer/domain set the credentials: "Credential Repository" -> "\Common password" which is of course a credential entry.

In "\Common password" we have the domain set to a variable of $COMPANY_CUSTOM_FIELD1$ which we have set in "\Customer1,2,3,etc" to be each of there domain names, this is inherited down through sites, folders and devices to even sub-connections and works perfectly.

It would just be good to use the IP and Domain fields instead of having to repurpose "CUSTOM FIELD1".

Clock2 yrs

Hello Brian,
I think I understand but to be sure. Could you create small Xml data source with the structure you would like and post it here? it will be much easier to implement with the real scenario.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs