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Currently we are using some PowerShell scripts for customers. These script we use are embedded in RDM and make use of the custom variables we have. The scripts are generic, but since every environment has their own credentials so we add these scripts to the correct Customer folder so we can use the credentials defined in the upper Folder (inherit passwords). This works great and handy, we only need to double click a script and the script is executing for the correct environment.

However when we update a script, we need to browse trough all the customers and update the script for that environment. (see also the attachment)

It would be handy if we had a kind of placeholder for the scripts and then just link it to the environment of a customer. Just like the password fault.

PS in RDM.png
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If I understand correctly it's all the same scripts? Have you tried to create a Session Tool instead? It will be listed in the session tool dashboard and available for all your customers?


David Hervieux


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