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RDM freezes again when losing focus while closing session

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We are having an issue that occurred a couple of years back and RDM would freeze when RDM would lose focus while closing an open session. It's been fine since the fix but over the past few weeks, it has returned (not 100% sure when it started, probably when v13 was released). Currently, we are using RDM (v13.0.3.0). This occurs with both x86 and x64 flavors of RDM. Not sure if this is related to the same issue/fix that we had previously, but just FYI...


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We have been able to reproduce the issue.

Closing an RDP tab by specifically -right clicking it then hitting close and quickly changing app through the taskbar- did it for us. In our case we reproduced it with slack.

Can you confirm that this is how you usually close your opened tab using RDM ?

Thanks for reporting this, we'll forward this to the engineering team.

Best regards,

Alexandre Roy


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You're welcome - thanks for the follow up

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